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Welcome To Scout King's Home Page

Scout King is an American business that offers Unique Products for Scouts and Scouters, that are created and marketed by Scouters. We started by making products to HELP ENHANCE our own Scouting Programs. When we saw the great response, we got from our Scouts and Leaders, we decided to start offering them to everyone in Scouting.

The first product line we have to offer is called "Safari Slides", which are Twelve Different, 3-Dimensional, Wild Animal Head Neckerchief Slides (know as Woggles in some places) that can be worn with any standard issue Scout Neckerchief. Looking for something NEW and different to wear with you Scout uniform ? Well, Safari Slides are just the ticket !!!

If you're into Scouting and like Neckerchief Slides you'll love ours !!!


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