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Our OLD Retail Price was $3.95 Each

Our NEW Retail Price is $3.50 Each

Retail Prices

You can buy any mixture of pieces at our NEW Retail Price of $3.50 each, with the exception of the Bear Safari Slide.
The Bear Safari Slide is a Premium and is only available in our Special 12 Piece Collectors Set.

Wholesale Discount Prices

Wholesale Discount Prices are only available on our Special 12 Piece Collectors Sets. A complete set consists of, one of each of the following animals; Baboon, Bear, Camel, Cougar, Cheetah, Giraffe, Gorilla, Lion, Lioness, Chimp, Rhino and Warthog. As a Retailer, you can sell them in sets or individually and what you charge for them is up to you.

Click here to see the Safari Slide Picture Page.

Our Wholesale Price is $2.50 per slide, which is $30.00 per set.

Thats 58% OFF Our OLD Retail Price and 40% OFF Our New Retail Price.


All shipping charges shown are for the U.S.A. ONLY, (PO Boxes, Street & APO/FPO Addresses).

If you are buying SINGLE PIECES use this chart.
1 - 2$1.50 3 - 6$2.50
7 - 12$3.50 13 - 25$5.50
26 - 43$7.00 44 - 57$9.00
58 - 71$10.50 72 - 84$12.50
85 - 96$14.50 97 - 108$16.50

If you are buying COMPLETE SETS (12 PIECES) use this chart.
Number Sets Shipping Charge Number Sets Shipping Charge Number Sets Shipping Charge
1$3.50 2$5.50 3$7.00
4$9.00 5$10.50 6$12.50
7$12.50 8$14.50 9$16.50

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